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Knowledge and Human Interests. Jürgen Habermas

Knowledge and Human Interests

ISBN: 0807015415,9780807015414 | 357 pages | 9 Mb

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Knowledge and Human Interests Jürgen Habermas
Publisher: Beacon Press

That was my response at any rate. On a more serious level, I can see one Ignorance more frequently begets confidence then knowledge. Passionate about Vedic Astrology, bio-cultural diversity, holistic living, rites of passage and living traditions of knowledge. Secrecy and Insurgency will be of interest to social and cultural anthropologists, human geographers, and those interested in Latin American studies, human rights, women's studies, and gender studies. I'm lying Student of meditation, love and beauty. Taoism and other human interests. There are, he argued, three basic and universal 'knowledge-constitutive interests'. That in Republicanland, corporations are people (too, my friend) and that human beings are property. To put it differently, if you have no goals, you don't need knowledge (of any kind). Get a signed print of this cartoon from the . Again, to speak otherwise would bring us back into a Weberian conception of science as a vocation (a separation of the current collapse of knowledge and human interests). Thus, knowledge acquisition and knowledge production is their priority; ensuring validity of knowledge and considering the rights and interests of the human subjects may be secondary. 'Knowledge and Human Interests', also published in 1968, pulled assorted threads together. Adding to the debt of poor college students at a time of ever-increasing economic inequality (and record low interest rates) while companies like Apple practice massive tax avoidance is simply ridiculous. You need knowledge only if you have goals.

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