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The King

The King's Two Bodies. Ernst H. Kantorowicz

The King's Two Bodies

ISBN: 0691017042,9780691017044 | 309 pages | 8 Mb

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The King's Two Bodies Ernst H. Kantorowicz
Publisher: Princeton University Press

I expect that the king's healing was therefore connected to the doctrine of the king's two bodies that still enjoyed some popularity in the Stuart period (certainly Charles I liked it!). Whatever he looks like, the king can do no wrong: he can even hit eagles on his first golf round (as Kim Jong-il was claimed to have done). €�Proximity to the king equaled power” (2). ISBN: 0691017042, 9780691017044. B) Wittgenstein, Part II, Sectoin 11, Investigations, pp. Wilson Knight, “The Prophetic Soul: A Note on Richard II,“ (reader). Publisher: Princeton University Press. Topics to be studied include Kantorowicz's notion of “the king's two bodies,” royal men and women, women and memorial culture, lineage and gender, marriage, and monastic culture. €�Frenchmen believed that the king's health reflected on, perhaps even determined, the welfare of the realm” (2). Kantorowicz Language: English Page: 309.

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